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  Light Trail Os serviços de consultoria existem para você que precisa resolver um problema, mas não têm conhecimento suficiente sobre o assunto para fazê-lo por conta própria. ​ Como consultor posso te ajudar na consultoria preventiva

Consulting services exist for you who need to solve a problem, but don't have enough knowledge on the subject to do it on your own.

As a consultant I can help you with preventive consulting:​

  • Misfits at work/school

  • Marriage / Divorce

  • Small business opening.

  • Preparing for the US Citizenship Test.

  • Car purchase.

  • Buying airline tickets / Planning a vacation.

  • Confidence and training for DMV driving knowledge exam.

  • Build inclusive teams that reflect the diversity of your target audience.

  • Hiring a specific service such as Lawyer / Translator, etc.

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