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Maximize your potential
while YOU work

toward your goals.

If you need help on your educational journey, I will help you chart a path to academic and professional success. Together, we will develop a plan to ensure a successful academic career.



Your educational plan is a step-by-step guide that will help you manage your time and expenses while you are planning to start university, have started, or are looking to finish and get your well-deserved degree.

College Students
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Studying on the Grass

It will be your roadmap to:


  • Know the difference between certificate and associate degree, or undergrad and graduate programs.

  • Know what courses you need to take.

  • Organize the order of classes that you should follow to optimize your journey.

  • Set the time that you will be able to reach your goals.

  • Find and take advantage of university programs and support services on the campus of your choice.




1 session of 50 minutes

1 post session article

4 sessions



1 session of 50 minutes per week

1 article per session

1 task for weekly reflection

College Students
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Firstly, no student aiming for higher education in the United States should miss out on the opportunity to attend university because of the cost.


There are many options available to these students who need financial assistance from the state, federal, as well as private scholarship providers.


I can help you navigate this universe of financial aid programs for eligible students in a clear and objective way.

Graduating Students
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