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Generational Conflicts

It is not easy to identify and act assertively in conflicts between generations that negatively impact family prosperity. There are many factors that influence how we understand the new culture and how we act in it. The family is made up of people with very different views, values and ages, and this can lead to conflicts that directly affect relationships. Watch the video to find out how immigrant generations are classified.

Hello, I am RENATO MARIN !


I've been working with our community helping people understand cross-cultural issues for over 10 years, showing that it's possible to have a place where everyone is welcome, supported, and has the necessary resources to become aware and thrive assertively.


I chose to pursue social and behavioral sciences as my life's work because of my deep appreciation for the resilience, creativity and courage present in the lives of all of us Brazilian immigrants living in the United States. 

I am in San Francisco, California, and I work with all generations of Brazilian immigrants in the United States.

Misfits at work/school


Success in managing behaviors within the professional and educational environment with a focus on transculturality, promoting positive and systemic transformation for optimal and successful performance.


Educational Pyramid in the U.S.


Moving up the educational ladder will help you manage your time and expenses while you are already starting, planning to start, or seeking help to finish university.

Multicultural Relations


Instruct Individuals and couples to find more connection and fulfillment in living together through transculturality.


Life Balance


Clarify goals and define action steps to achieve them. Being present in the moment, making conscious choices, and intentionally living with compassion.


Life Transition


It helps clients deal with major life transitions such as parenting, divorce, death, and family issues.

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